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Welcome Twitter Friends

Cradle Mountain  in snow
Hi, this is Frank from the @CradleMtn Twitter account.

I wrote this page for my followers so you could learn a bit more about me and how I use Twitter. A lot of my Tweets are about the Cradle Mountain area in Australia’s Tasmania. In addition, I love to share interesting stuff about Tasmania, Australia and travel in general.

Sorry to say but I have an obsession, yes, a nice healthy obsession with the Cradle Mountain area in Tasmania. We have spent many holidays including backpacking and hiking trips in the Cradle Mountain area and love it!

Cradle Mountain is at the northern edge of the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and it is a spectacular part of the world to see, discover and enjoy.

In fact there is a free guide – Five Fun things to do at Cradle Mountain -  if you are interested.  

How I use Twitter.

I use Twitter to find interesting people that love all things Tasmania, Cradle Mountain and travel. They may be visiting, planning to visit or just talking about the area or Tasmania in general. I also follow outdoors, foodies, travel and other Australian, particularly Tasmanian peeps. If you’re up for a chat and want me to return the follow, just send me an @ reply. That way I know there’s a real person behind the account.

I’m not a marketer. I don’t do follow Friday, auto DM’ing or any of that stuff. I’m just a bloke that users Twitter for fun. I tweet our new articles and share links and stuff that I find interesting.

I’m always up for a chat but if you want a detailed response, its best to email us. We love hearing from those who are coming to Australia, especially to Cradle Mountain or Tasmania. We’ll gladly share advice but if you are from overseas, the help we can offer is limited.

We also have another site called “Our Hiking Blog”: We love hiking, bushwalking and the wilderness. The blog is about sharing information with novice and experienced walkers across the world on how to plan and undertake trips.

By mixing that up with some great pictures, hints, tips, gear reviews and personal stories we hope that our readers enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy sharing.

I’ve written a few ebooks. We have one based on our experiences hiking The Overland Track which starts at Cradle Mountain. You can check out the information by clicking here. Our other book is about lightweight food called ‘Food To Go.’ The information is not limited to hikers and it is a very good reference of all things outdoor food , including meal dehydration.

Thanks for dropping by, we would love to be Twitter “mates” with you and share all things great about the Cradle Mountain area and Tasmania!

Image: SmileyFish Photo

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